Anti-Oxidant Injection

AntiAging Skin Brightening: Antioxidant InjectionSM

What is Antioxidant Immune Enhancing InjectionSM? What conditions may be treated?
Found in a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, antioxidants act as immune system boosters.  These agents neutralize harmful free radicals, flushes away toxins, and support cell health and integrity.  But with environmental toxin, body stress, and the natural process of metabolism, our antioxidants can be depleted.

One of the latest treatment is the use of injectable antioxidants.  Unlike the oral route which has low absorption, injectable antioxidants can quickly restore our healthy antioxidant level and strengthen our immune system.  Furthermore, the use of injectable antioxidant supplementation also have the added benefit of skin brightening for the face and body as well.

Treatable conditions include decreased energy and skin brightening.

When and what results might be expected? How long do the results lasts?
Gradual and modest improvement of energy, immune system, and skin tone may be expected over months.

Results generally last months to half year.

What is the recovery like? When can I return to work and activities?
Recovery is usually none.  Minimal bruising may be expected at the site of intravenous insertion.

Any treatment to help maintain or enhance my results?
Continuing maintenance of preventive medicine, along with regular check-ups and testing, is essential to keeping one’s body in the best shape.  Routine monthly maintenance is also helpful.

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